About ABC

All About Almond Butter Crunch (ABC):

Have  you ever wondered how we make our filet mignon of candy, our ABC, Almond Butter Crunch??  We thought we’d show you!

We slow roast our almonds with a special process, make our special recipe toffee, cover the toffee with our special blend milk chocolate, cover with our chopped roasted almonds, then let it set til all the flavors meld.  Then VOILA!!!! ABC.  But be careful, you can’t eat just one – they are addicting!

(p.s. you know the nuts, chocolate, and crumbs left in the bottom of your bag?  don’t throw it away!!! put it in your yogurt, on top of your ice cream, mix it unto your smoothie 🙂 )

Almond Butter Crunch


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