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Jagielky’s Online Order Form

Welcome to our online order form, accessible by website or mobile. You can also use this form for Pickup or Delivery. Credit cards are only accepted for shipping orders. Please understand that given the nature of our homemade chocolate and how it varies by weight and size, and the variety of options that can be in an order, we cannot calculate out your total actual cost until we put your order together. Once we receive your order, we will call you back to confirm your selections and to obtain your credit card information.


29 comments on “Online Order Form
  1. Kim Franco says:

    Where was tge place to put your payment?

  2. Al Newcomb says:

    We Love Your Fluff !!

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Thanks Al! And we’ve got your order ready to go out – we’ll be calling soon to confirm. There’s no marshmallow like out fluff! Thanks for being big fans!

  3. marcy shoemaker says:

    great candy

  4. Susan Weiss says:

    looking forward to hearing from you and getting our order of chocolate covered pretzels

  5. Elaine J. Sigmond says:

    We retired in S.C. and miss you guys!!!!! Lov,E

  6. Maria says:

    Thank you!!!

  7. Rhonda Corson says:

    Please take into consideration that I am 4 hours behind EST and I work M-F 8-4:30 so if I can’t be reached can I email you my billing info?

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Rhonda – I passed along your comment and don’t worry if you can’t be reached right away, we’ll keep trying. We don’t accept billing info via email, and we wouldn’t want anyone sending that kind of info through email. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered and we’ll be in touch soon.

  8. jacqlyn Kaplan says:

    Just love your chocolates

  9. Elaine Sigmond says:

    We are thrilled that you started this online service. Thank you so much!! It is impossible to duplicate your candies anywhere. The imported stuff, like Belgium, Swiss, etc., does not even come close to the taste and quality of your cocoa content. Now that we are retired in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we can still enjoy our famous New Jersey seashore favorites. You guys are the greatest, and I miss my visits into your Ventnor and Margate stores.

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Thanks for the awesome note Elaine! We got your orders and Katie is taking care of them and getting them shipped for you. We miss having you in the stores, and we appreciate you taking the time to order online!

  10. Susan Goldstein says:

    Looking forward to hearing from you and receiving my order. Your chocolate is unbelievable.

  11. Wanda says:

    My previous employer had a house in Ventnor and would always bring the staff chocolates from your store. I always snagged all the double dips. Since his retirement I just kinda forgot until speaking with a friend who was in Margate last week. So glad I found you on line and you ship. Can’t wait!!

  12. Sharon feldman says:

    Friends will pick up this order for us

  13. John Barclay says:

    The Crispy Fluff chocolates are simply amazing.. I can’t wait for more!!!

  14. Sid Linsky says:

    We’ve been enjoying your chocolate for many years, when you were on
    Bustleton Ave. in Phila. Glad we found you in Margate.

  15. barry rozantine says:

    used to live around the corner in the 70’s and visited mr. j quite often, recently moved back to states after working abroad for over 30 years and lo and behold i found j’s still making best hand made chocolates; wonderful products.

  16. Meredith Porterfield says:

    Received this as a gift one year and fell in love instantly. Now I continue to give them too!!!

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Glad to hear you love it and pay it forward 🙂 Our elves have been busy ’round the clock making fresh batches to keep up with the gifting and sharing!

  17. Donald Devers says:

    Whenever I give a box of chocolates from your store to any of my family or friends they rave about them and then they ask where they can buy more of them! Your chocolates are the best! We look forward to getting them every Christmas and any time we happen to be in Ventnor, New Jersey!

  18. Robert says:

    It would be helpful if separate shipping info could be put in for each order number if all are to be billed – but not sent to – the same billing address. otherwise each has to be reentered separately.

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Thanks for the valuable suggestion. We are working on that for you, as well as streamlining the process. Thanks for your patience as we work towards making the whole process smoother. In the meantime, you can add a second or third recipient in the comments box to let us know you want shipped to multiple locations and we’ll confirm with you when we call back after receiving the order.

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