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Jagielky’s Online Order Form

Welcome to our online order form, accessible by website or mobile. You can also use this form for Pickup or Delivery. Credit cards are only accepted for shipping orders. Please understand that given the nature of our homemade chocolate and how it varies by weight and size, and the variety of options that can be in an order, we cannot calculate out your total actual cost until we put your order together. Once we receive your order, we will call you back to confirm your selections and to obtain your credit card information.

13 comments on “Online Order Form
  1. Kim Franco says:

    Where was tge place to put your payment?

  2. Al Newcomb says:

    We Love Your Fluff !!

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Thanks Al! And we’ve got your order ready to go out – we’ll be calling soon to confirm. There’s no marshmallow like out fluff! Thanks for being big fans!

  3. marcy shoemaker says:

    great candy

  4. Susan Weiss says:

    looking forward to hearing from you and getting our order of chocolate covered pretzels

  5. Elaine J. Sigmond says:

    We retired in S.C. and miss you guys!!!!! Lov,E

  6. Maria says:

    Thank you!!!

  7. Rhonda Corson says:

    Please take into consideration that I am 4 hours behind EST and I work M-F 8-4:30 so if I can’t be reached can I email you my billing info?

    • RA Ruszkowski says:

      Rhonda – I passed along your comment and don’t worry if you can’t be reached right away, we’ll keep trying. We don’t accept billing info via email, and we wouldn’t want anyone sending that kind of info through email. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered and we’ll be in touch soon.

  8. jacqlyn Kaplan says:

    Just love your chocolates

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